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Like all software, Umbraco is regularly bug-fixed and improved. So ideally, all of the updates should be carried out at the earliest opportunity to keep the content management system up to date.

This also ensures compatibility with the latest browsers and internet standards.

We not only keep your Umbraco instance up to date, but also can make sure that the functional improvements of the particular update are incorporated directly into your website. Depending on the update, you will benefit from improved content editing, optimised image scaling or new form workflows, for example.


Website down? Image not loading? PDF download broken? Why not let us solve these problems for you? We offer support contracts with fixed monthly budgets or Pay-As-You-Go.


Always be on the latest version. Our team regularly installs and checks the latest Umbraco updates so you don't have to. Fixes security gaps and adds convenience.


You would like to move data between Umbraco versions, instances or products? We know our stuff: Whether Umbraco 4, 6 or 7 to 8 or Umbraco Heartcore to Umbraco Cloud – our Umbraco experts make it possible.

Which kind of update does your Umbraco instance need?