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Sometimes technically challenging Umbraco projects do not work out as originally planned. Sometimes the situation even becomes very muddled and the project grinds to a halt.

We managed to revive and complete many such troubled projects in the recent years. Our combined experience in content editing and CMS development allows us to approach these projects in an interdisciplinary way.

Stephen Riddell-Roberts
mindrevolution CTO
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We go into failing projects, consult the client and implement and fix them. Call us the "Umbraco A-Team".

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Our team is the solution for business-critical projects that require a high level of customisation or that involve tens of thousands of pages.

Architectural Advise

We believe that it is cheaper, more convenient and less stressful to avoid a problem upfront than to fix it later. Therefore, we put the experience and expertise of our Umbraco experts at your disposal to get your project off to the best possible start. Jointly, we plan and design all the technical details so that you can be at ease and confidence when you finally press the big "launch" button.

Development Consulting

Has your project team ever encountered a technical problem that they struggled to solve and ended up with everyone staring at the code or setup for hours without getting anywhere? This is more common than you think! A code review by our Umbraco experts often provides the crucial impulse towards the final solution.

Dedicated contact

Talk directly to our developers and exchange ideas. Of course, we maintain central communication via a dedicated person so that the overview is maintained. But direct exchange is possible and even encouraged at any time. Team up for the success of the project!

Guaranteed backing by Umbraco

As a Gold Umbraco Partner, the Umbraco team from Denmark supports us, for example, in solving particularly tricky errors or in the planning of particularly complex and large installations.

  • Gold Partner Service Level

  • Architectural Advising

  • Code Review

  • Bugfix warranty

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