We love Umbraco, the leading .NET Open Source CMS

For almost 15 years mindrevolution has been part of the worldwide community around Umbraco, the leading open source .NET content management system. 

As an internationally known conference participant and speaker as well as an official Gold Umbraco Partner, we not only have certified developers, but above all a lot of practical experience.

Stephen Riddell-Roberts
mindrevolution CTO
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The deciding factor is that with Umbraco it is always possible to find a first-class solution, be it through customising, packages, own extensions or system integration via APIs.

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  • A global open source project with European headquarters

  • Secure and scalable, cloud-enabled

  • Very flexible and customisable

  • Microsoft .NET Stack (»IT approved«)

  • Easy to use for editors and non-technicians

  • No restrictions on design, code and integration ("Web DNA")

  • No hefty (annual) licensing costs

mindrevolution 💛 Umbraco

Open Source and open mind

With mindrevolution as your project partner, you can rely on our conceptual and technical Umbraco competence. We have been with Umbraco since the very beginning, are well-connected internationally and, of course, are an Umbraco Gold Partner with certified Umbraco developers.

Sustainable and successful

As Umbraco users and advocates from the beginning, we look back on over fifteen years of growth with Umbraco. We already saw then what it is today: a flexible framework whose rigorous focus on simplicity and being modern makes everything possible without being bloated and cumbersome. With over 500,000 active installations by now, Umbraco has gained many new followers since then - which, admittedly, makes us a little proud.

Us for Umbraco

  • network with the international Umbraco community

  • publish snippets and packages (open source)

  • contribute to the Umbraco source code

  • support Umbraco Meetups

  • attend and support many Umbraco events and conferences across Europe

  • share our knowledge through giving talks (Umbraco Codegarden, Umbraco Festival Germany, Belgian Umbraco Festival, DUUG/Dutch Umbraco Festival, Umbraco UK Festival)

Powerful Umbraco solutions

Because we really know our stuff: Obviously with Umbraco, but also with CMS and content infrastructure in general, and with the web anyhow. Data integration, APIs, services and cloud solutions. And of course, because we are fully committed, communicate openly and are goal-oriented.


You seek a service provider who wants to bring about new things, develop innovative solutions, master technical problems and perform with great dedication? We have come to realise that it is precisely with such clients that we work particularly well.

For these customers, we not only contribute our talent, our knowledge and our wealth of experience, but also our passion and determination.

  1. Technology should be useful

  2. Small, highly competent teams for minimised coordination overheads

  3. Direct communication with the (lead) developers

We support future-positive companies and brands

Let's talk Umbraco!

We have been with Umbraco since the very beginning, are internationally well-networked and, of course, are an Umbraco Gold Partner with certified Umbraco developers.