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Video-first: Consistent communication for better understanding

Only when the content is clear and concise can there be a valuable exchange between brands and customers.

This is not a new approach and yet it often fails in consistent implementation.


Make. Learn. Remix. Repeat.

Get stuff out there. Make it happen!

The solution comes, as so often, from software development. There, the slogan "mobile-first" has caused quite a stir. What we can learn from this approach is that a format will prevail when it brings real benefits to users.

Video formats are more popular than ever. And that's not about to change. After all, 82% of data traffic is expected to be video by 2022.

85% of consumers say videos help them better identify with a brand or product.

Authentic videos for real dialogue

Our video-first approach combines the demands of a consistent product or brand message, allows us to publish one format across all channels, and never becomes boring or redundant by staying evergreen.

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Never forget the basics

Success doesn’t come without target definition and analysing its potential. We support you in assessing markets and target groups, evaluating them and identifying the resulting video formats.

Agile marketing for the highly dynamic world

Whether you are a start-up or a medium-sized company, coming from the IT world or not, are involved in global trade, or, are at home in engineering - we know how to reconcile the requirements and wishes of the customers, as well as sales and marketing.

Join us in breaking new ground for your video formats, and we'll take care of the translation across all channels. When it comes to visual trends and hypes, we can decide very quickly whether something is worth implementing or whether you'll burn your fingers.

Your new "Content Marketing Department"

For each brand, we dedicate a permanent, customized core team focused for the task at hand.

Whether "Full Service", one off Video Production, Regular Shows or Long-term strategic planning: we assemble the best team for every content marketing objective!

We complement this agile setup with target oriented work and extremely short decision-making paths.

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