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No strategic decision without data.

It is not always possible to identify a viable content marketing strategy at first glance. In many cases, the target people and markets have to be studied, evaluated, and compared. The audience must be segmented by stereotypical representatives made tangible - not to mention keyword analyses and topic clusters.

Content Opportunity Analysis

COA is one of our standard methods for identifying content opportunities. Following the principle of SWOT analysis, it identifies gaps in a organization's own content or in the content offered by competitors.

Mindrevolution COA

In addition, we use a number of other analyses to create evaluations or assessments for digital marketing:

  • Persona Development

  • Competitor Content Audit

  • User Generated Content Analysis

  • Ideation Workshops

  • Analyses of media usage behavior

  • Surveys and polls, interviews

  • Task Completion Tests

  • Buyer Journey Mapping

  • Touchpoint Detection

  • Web Traffic Analysis

Tap into our content marketing expertise

Leverage our expertise and start with an opportunity analysis or a channel concept. We will research the necessary data and provide you with a summary as well as a suggested course of action.