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A stable content infrastructure can only be based on a system that has already proven itself yet is constantly evolving. Reliability, support and future-proofing are decisive factors.

Reliability, support options and future-proofing are crucial factors, because the more projects are based on that infrastructure, the more important it becomes.

Instead of trying to cover all technical platforms, possibilities and services "somehow" and thus obviously having to compromise on know-how and quality, we instead focus on our expertise in Umbraco, content, API and integrations to bring our customers forward in terms of applicable technology.

This also means that collaborating with other partners, agencies or departments within the company is a perfectly natural and most welcome option.

Curious Umbraco!

Umbraco asked leading agencies, integrators and partners why they use the content management system and what appeals to them so much.

Of course, the Gold Partner mindrevolution was not to be missed, so founder and CEO Marc Stöcker found himself in front of the camera at the biggest Umbraco conference of the year.

We have been working with Umbraco for over ten years (since version 2.1). That is quite a long time. Back then, there was simply a limited number of options from which we chose and then decided on Umbraco.

I guess the more interesting question today is: What made us stay with Umbraco for so long?

I would have to say that Umbraco is constantly evolving. Umbraco does never stands still. It is always up-to-date because it has a strong community and is a movement that doesn't preserve the ashes but rather carries on the fire. That's why. And at the same time it's super flexible, which means you can build and develop in any direction.

Any integration work goes very easily. It's very straightforward to attach other systems and bring various data together, interweave content and create something from it that delivers an extremely good experience.

For us, we can do virtually any kind of website and platform with Umbraco - there's no limit or particular niche. We do have a clear focus as a company, of course, but we also accepted quite a few jobs that were a bit out of the ordinary. Umbraco makes that easy for us.