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What is a DXP anyway?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a platform that enables digital experiences to be seamlessly integrated across websites, apps and other digital touchpoints beyond just managing content (i. e. in a CMS). This means integrating functions into a unified platform to expand capabilities.

DXPs are a remarkably useful solution in MarTech, where companies can integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management), DAM (Digital Assets Management), analytics, and basically any tool or technology that a team wants to work with.

DXPs can essentially be built and created in two ways - monolithic (like a legacy CMS or a suite CMS) or composable.

Why are more and more companies opting for a DXP?

Because content is no longer enough for the digital experiences of many brands. As a CMS, Umbraco is the main component in building the digital experience. For many years, the website built with it was either the main software, or other features or applications were added as customisations.

The digital landscape as we have known it is changing. By building a composable DXP with different components like commerce, recommendation or PIM, we actually have to make sure that everything is connected. This way we can share content, products, user data and insights across components in a user-friendly, customised solution.

Essentially, a Composable DXP creates the foundation to manage all content and campaigns in one central hub, with the flexibility and ability to change and add software into it whenever needed.

Composable DXP applications should be built from smaller units called Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) that are task-oriented and can be used separately. This results in the freedom to assemble your own DXP and use the tools of your choice, rather than relying on a single product.

As Gartner explains: ''to achieve agility and flexibility in delivering experiences, modular packaged business capabilities (PBCs) are brought together to form composable digital commerce platforms that align to the future of applications.''

A Composable DXP can get complex - but let us make it easy for you.

The sought-after agility and flexibility of a Composable DXP often leads to considerable complexity. This complexity usually comes to light when different pieces of software are integrated with each other via APIs or other interfaces.

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The freedom to create precisely the digital experience platform that fits your organisation's needs best.

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  • Together with you, we can create a personalised digital experience platform by integrating all your preferred technologies.

  • We facilitate a seamless connection to all of your chosen digital experience tools, ensuring a faster time to market.

  • Take control with us and create a customised Digital Experience Platform (DXP) through seamless integration with the technologies and vendors of your choice.

  • Take the opportunity to build a flexible infrastructure that aligns your business strategy and IT priorities, because every business is unique in this respect.

As experienced technology integrators and Gold Umbraco partners, our teams navigate safely through this new complexity and ensure project success.

Let's start engineering your personal DXP!