Mindrevolution Content Infrastructure

The infrastructure for digital experiences

To create an experience that meets the needs and goals of your target audience, you need to build an interconnected network of content delivery components.

This enables the audience to communicate with the brand without media discontinuity. Because this is the only approach that suits modern consumers, who switch channels whenever they want and who then expect all content to be available in line with the channel.

Marc Stöcker
mindrevolution CEO
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DXPs solve the very problems of content-driven projects like websites, apps and services.

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Squidex Content

For the majority of businesses, content is actually delivered across a range of channels, media and devices: Website, social media, mobile apps, field service tablets, in-store kiosks and other connected devices, commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The website content and any updates would therefore need to be available for use on all of these channels and devices.

Content for across all channels - managed centrally

This is exactly where mindrevolution comes in and designs an agile content infrastructure based on open source systems that provides content for mobile apps, smart devices (IoT), landing pages, microsites, web applications and websites.

The content can therefore be distributed via any frontend. These frontends are developed independently of the CMS backend and, for example, with modern JavaScript frameworks.

Easy to use for editors and content creators 

A user-friendly interface for creating, editing and managing content and makes it available via RESTful APIs, web services, GraphQL and Node.js and .NET clients.

Squidex CMS

An open source headless CMS for digital projects. Centralised, structured and with seamless integrations to other systems.

Squidex CMS
strapi CMS

Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.

strapi CMS
Umbraco CMS

A flexible open source CMS framework for powerful omni-channel platforms and content infrastructure.

Umbraco CMS

Why have a DXP?

Go with a modern content infrastructure if your business ...

  • ...requires a central and at the same time highly integrated solution for creating and editing content across all websites, apps, bots and projects.

  • ...must integrate content into existing software projects or editorial workflows for digital channels

  • ...wants to update websites, wearables, apps, IoT devices, bots, digital signage and other applications independently of the content.

  • ...needs to get rid of the cost and effort of content management tasks in more than one system and wishes to publish content faster

  • ...uses marketing tools, cloud services and APIs and seeks to link them to content

  • ...would like to future-proof existing and emerging content

  • ... wants to implement digital projects faster and more adaptably

Reliable and future-proof thanks to proven technology
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Tailor-made content infrastructure

Call it what you will: Content Infrastructure, DXP, Headless CMS, API-first Content Management, Agile CMS, Content Orchestration.

We will integrate and simplify your content management.