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Smart Remix Framework
July 2021 in Creation and Production

Many, responsible for the content marketing strategy of a company or brand are already familiar with this approach: Good content should be used several times.

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There are video portals whose users use the same song 3.8 million times. The remix is more alive than ever!

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This advice sounds reasonable, but the effective analysis takes a lot of time.  In corporate communications, the trend is increasingly toward flexible generalists who do not have the time in their day-to-day business to familiarize themselves with every communication channel down to the smallest detail. In this distress, many then resort to the widespread "duplicate content", which is more likely to result from a lack of time than from a lack of expertise.

As a result, content marketing strategies often revolve around themselves and fail to deliver the output they promise.

Higher engagement through identification

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This is where the Smart Remix Framework comes in. The goal is to gain the maximum output per individual production. The first step is to check which production quality satisfies the target group. Each channel is examined to determine which content the target group prefers to consume and which analysis values are meaningful. Sometimes it is found that short explainer videos are preferred, for other brands it is more effective to engage the target audience through an interview with the business manager or a product manager. The formats with which the target group identifies best influence the production quality.

Many companies fear that with a large pipeline they also have to provide a corresponding budget. In the Smart Remix Framework, a cost framework is defined from the outset; it becomes another flexible factor for production quality.

Subsequently, the requirements of the individual distribution channels are taken into account. YouTube, Social Media and the Company's own Blog require a pipeline of appealing formats that are posted in a tight sequence. In the Video-First marketing strategy, video formats take center stage. Driven by the Smart Remix Framework, varied content can be distributed on multiple distribution channels at regular intervals.

Videos as Idea Generators and Anchor Points

To get the best result out of a video production, different perspectives and focal points are determined in the conception phase. For example, a product or service can be shot as the main video on the day of filming. At the same time, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews can be shot. During breaks in shooting, other perspectives of the same product can be recorded. The Smart Remix Framework ensures that this is not done haphazardly.

The script, setting and schedule include all the required variants of video production. Even before the shooting begins, it is known when the blog and social media will be supported with additional content. So the content plan also takes into account all the formats derived from the video.

Product video of YouTube can come with versions for:

    1. Homepage
    2. Presentation
    3. Facebook Feed
    4. Facebook Story
    5. Instagram Feed
    6. Instagram Story
    7. Newsletter

Interview with video participants can have versions for:

    1. Intranet
    2. YouTube
    3. Instagram
    4. Facebook

Behind-the-scenes with marketing team can have versions for:

    1. Intranet
    2. Instagram
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Facebook


Video formats will gradually conquer all platforms and channels of online communication.  With the Smart Remix Framework, every Video-First strategy gets the necessary form to effectively address the target group. 

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