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More visibility through Smart Remix
July 2021 in Creation and Production

Digital visibility is synonymous with digital branding. The perception of a brand is made up of encounters in the various online channels.

New content and topics must be regularly added to these channels to ensure that visibility does not diminish. Content and messages must be perceived in order to have an impact.

Videos make stories come alive.

The Smart Remix Framework brings the target group and videos together via a variety of perspectives on the topic.

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The needs of the target group are the beginning

Brands lay the foundation for their own digital visibility by analyzing their target group. In addition to future and existing customers, this also includes employees and suppliers. The needs, questions and behavior on the Internet should be clearly worked out.

Because these interest groups behave differently on the homepage than on YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Facebook. For example, some read the newsletter or find out about industry developments in the online editions of the respective trade journals.

Then it is necessary to check which channels the brands are already operating and on which they can still become active. The Smart Remix Framework is based on the principle: Address the right users with the right message at the right time in the right place.

Identifying contact points with the customer journey

The phases of the customer journey help identify brand touchpoints:

  • Perception
  • Need
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • Customer service
  • Customer loyalty

The top touchpoints are also defined for the Smart Remix Framework.

Then an inventory is taken of how the brand is perceived by customers at these touchpoints.

There are still many channels where brands are present but do not leave a lasting impression. This is also due to the fact that the customer journey now offers a great many touchpoints and is becoming increasingly fragmented. With a classic content marketing strategy, the customer journey becomes a mammoth task that ties up a lot of capacity in the company.

The Smart Remix framework empowers brands to gain visibility without diluting their core message. From the outset, it focuses on a format that becomes the benchmark for all channels and brand touchpoints.

Where the original video doesn't work, the appropriate remix steps in.

The age of storytellers with cameras and smartphones has just begun. Find out what's behind video-first marketing here!

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Videos define the concept

But why should brands focus on video as a format right from the start?

Video formats are increasingly consumed in all target groups, industries and markets. Cisco predicts that as early as next year, 82% of traffic on the Internet will be video.

Videos get the higher engagement rate on social media and companies that integrate videos on their homepage end up on the first pages in search results. Especially if the videos shown are published on YouTube.

Internet users prefer to consume videos when it comes to new content, technical questions or product presentations. People can process visual content up to60,000 times faster than pure text content. Messages are better understood and remembered longer when they are distributed via video formats.

Through video, companies can make their brand more human. When people consume videos (whether a series, a movie, or a story on social media), areas of the brain react as if the situation shown were happening directly and immediately to the observer. Videos therefore cause the viewer to identify with the protagonist.

Identification leads to sharing of the video, increased engagement, and higher brand visibility.

The smart difference

Video marketing gives brands a huge advantage in communicating with their target audience. Nevertheless, many marketers are hesitant to focus on the video format in their own content marketing strategy.

The opinion that videos can only be produced for one channel is widespread. Therefore, there is also the conclusion that many channels need a lot of content formats and hence expensive.

In the Smart Remix Framework, videos are designed from the outset to tell the story on multiple channels in different video formats. In this process, the marketing managers of a brand specify the topic and we ensure that this story is told in the most exciting and varied way possible.

If desired, we prepare accompanying social media posts, create a schedule for the distribution of the video formats and republish the video in the form of blogposts or posts on the intranet.

High distribution of video formats inevitably leads to better digital visibility of the brand.

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